Laminators come in many different sizes and styles. Most people think that the only people who need laminators are teachers. In fact, most people only think of schools when they think of laminators. However, if you are interested in how you can utilize a laminator for yourself, you should take a look at these three things you can do with a laminator. You might be shocked at how handy a laminator can be for you!

Laminate Posters

If you are a college student and have tons of posters in your room, or if you just love posters, you may want to think of a way to keep them from getting torn. The truth is that some of the posters on the market are quite expensive. In fact, posters that replicate art can be priced up to $50 or more. This may sound outrageous for a poster but it is very possible indeed. If you pay more than $5 for your poster, you might want to think about getting a laminator to help you keep them in their top condition. You can get a gbc laminator for this task, or a roll laminator. Of course, since they are posters, you will need one large enough to handle the width of the poster. So, keep that in mind!

Create Calendars

Whether you have a small or a large laminator, you can use it to create wonderful gifts. One great gift you can create is a calendar. Use your computer and printer to create a one page yearly calendar. Then use a photo on your computer and paste it onto the top of the calendar. Arrange it to create a wonderful look and print your creation in color. Then use the laminator to preserve it to be used all year long! You can give these as gifts to people that you know and watch their eyes light up as you present them with a great holiday gift.

Preserve Photos

On another note, you can use your smaller laminator to preserve your photos. Many people hate when their photos start aging or yellowing. Older photos have a better chance of doing this. If you are worried about this happening, you may want to think about laminating all of your photos. This is something that you can do a little at a time, because if you have a lot of photos it could take a while to get finished.

As you can see, there are many things you can do with your own personal laminator. If you have a small one at home, you can do these crafty ideas at any time. However if you have a larger one at work, you can just use it for your projects.

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