I love fishing of any kind, but some people prefer fishing in saltwater and some people prefer fishing in freshwater. Many people feel very strongly about their decision, and sometimes you can elicit the same type of reaction from them as you would if you questioned their religion. Freshwater fishing is usually a more slow paced style of fishing with more waiting in between bites and catching fish. You also may have to work harder to find fish when fishing in freshwater. However I think that fishing off the bank in freshwater is far more productive than fishing from the beach in saltwater. I also really like freshwater fishing, because it is less costly to successfully fish in freshwater. Also lures are more beneficial in the freshwater, so you can save money on buying bait, and also time because you are not having to bait your hook all of the time.

I spent quite a bit of time saltwater fishing when I was a kid, and I always had a great time. Most of the time I fished off of a pier, which was great because it was very easy to catch fish most of the time. Also while fishing on the pier you do not have to expend much effort trying to find the fish, because the fish were already drawn into the pier because of all of the bait in the water from the other people fishing. One of the bad things about fishing in the saltwater is you pretty much had to use bait exclusively and live bait was preferred. This would take a little more time every time you lost your bait, because you would have to put new bait on the hook. Also having to buy bait would cost quite a bit more money than fishing with a lure. I think that the worst thing about fishing in saltwater is the lack of fishing if you do not live near the coast. Since I have moved inland I do not have any chance to go fishing in the ocean anymore, so freshwater fishing is definitely better than no fishing at all.

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